The ASC 46 is coordinating two different programs: BFD Incoming and weltwärts South-North.

Both programs are meant to open chances for us to learn from each other. Also both programs  are not an independent voluntary services. They are integrated in the German standard voluntary services (BFD) which gives us the chance to be well recognized in Germany. The major difference is in countrys from which weltwärts volunteers are able to join the service in Germany. The focus of weltwärts is on developing strong and sustainable partnerships between organisations. It therefore requires a partnering organisation in your home country which must be involved to prepare and assist you, the volunteer.

We support the vision of sustainable partnerships between organisations and the people involved. If you can imagine to cooperate with that ideal then read about the requirement and conditions below and see if you find yourself…



  • you must be at least 18 years old
  • you have a strong mind set and a solid motivation
  • you have basic German skills and can imagine working in the field of sports/movement
  • you have not grown up in Germany
  • you enter Germany in order to carry out voluntary service
  • you have not been convicted of any crime – a police clearance certificate is a must


  • agreement/contract signed by all responsible parties regulating everything about the service:
    • voluntary Service of 12 months
    • monthly allowance (330 Euro) and additional subsidy for boarding (100 Euro)
    • 25 seminar days
    • 26 days of vacation
  • interesting working fields and projects (sport club, school, day-care center)
  • mentor at work and for private issues
  • accommodation (guest family, students dorm, shared apartment)
  • a life changing experience and many challenges to master