Voluntary Service

As an officially recognized agency for voluntary service in sports in Lower Saxony, the ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V. (ASC 46) has organized voluntary services for thousands of young adults since 2003.
Since 2014 with the development of diverse incoming programmes we have continued to increase our commitment to offering similar opportunities to young adults from all over the world. Thus enhancing the possibilities and chances of intercultural exchange!
As a volunteer you will carry out your service in one of our partner organizations, such as sport clubs, schools, kindergartens or daycare centres. Your responsibilities will lie in assisting your colleagues in their daily work and planning and carrying out your own projects.
As a volunteer the focus is on gaining working experience, developing social skills and widening your own personal horizon – we invite you to get out of your comfort zone! In addition to this, foreign volunteers will immerse in the German language and culture and learn our way of doing things! Your partner organization will on the other hand have the opportunity of learning about your country, traditions, way of life and will be help you master the challenges ahead.

Still interested in volunteering with the ASC 46?

Then you will find more information concerning requirements and conditions here.